Great experience at the Change Now Summit 2020 in Paris end of January. Majestic venue, inspiring speakers and innovative ideas. We’ve managed to get in touch with new ideas, unique people, interesting start ups and possible future partners! We had interesting discussions with people from the Aviation industry (IATA and KLM), the Direct Carbon Capture industry (Climeworks) and the energy exploration industry (natural Hydrogen) and many more. 

All the solutions presented at ChangeNOW that can bring change are real, feasible and are economically viable, with a viable business model or serious potential for it.

We were impressed by the ingenuity and impact. We were particularly impressed by ZELERON’s hyperloop, the progress made by Skynrg, the desalination installation on solar panels and Lifiled’s smart LED lighting, internet access and track and trace solution. We also saw that there are already many climate neutral alternatives to existing building materials, consisting of recycled materials, and that this can be used on a large scale for the construction of airports!